Navigating Amazon, the Age of Retail Media, and the Rise of 1st Party Data

Tectonic plates are shifting in digital advertising. Retail Media, which consists of ads run through retailer platforms and networks, are about to come into their golden age. At the center of this rise is Amazon, which has a $31B ad business and has its eyes set on Google and Meta’s ad revenues. Meanwhile, data privacy and 3rd party cookie loss are looming on the horizon for many platforms. In the middle are brands and marketers who are looking to inventory more and more budget into digital advertising. During this session, you’ll learn how to make Retail the next phase of digital media for your company. You’ll also gain a new understanding of the ins and outs of Amazon advertising to help you better navigate the rest of the retail media landscape.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Successfully navigate shifts in digital advertising through a foundational knowledge of Retail Media and marketplaces
  • Gain an understanding of Amazon advertising and how it’s changing digital media
  • Identify the link between the loss of 3rd party cookies and the rise of Retail Media, and how to respond to it