Creating, Launching, and Executing A Successful Marketing Campaign

Time and time again, large organizations, brands, and companies get caught up in the minutia of planning marketing efforts and simply lose sight of the end goal. This leads to team burnout, lack of forward movement, and less overall reach. How can your team cut down on red tape while earning stakeholder buy-in? When should you listen to organizational resistance and interpret it as a sign to pivot? When should you use your subject matter expertise to push something through? This session marries internal and external strategic communications so you can produce more compelling and successful campaigns.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Implement efficient process for creating and executing a marketing campaign
  • Identify signs of organizational resistance and the reasons behind them
  • Successfully see a campaign from conception to execution and measure KPIs that defend your process

This session is for digital marketers who want to understand how to create, launch, and execute successful campaigns when working cross-functionally.