Maximize Marketing Budgets With Full-Funnel Influencer Campaigns

What was once considered a nice-to-have tactic has evolved into a crucial component of mainstream marketing campaigns around the globe. The influencer marketing industry is growing at an accelerated rate as social media users continue to look to their favorite influencers for recommendations and inspiration. Through strategic influencer partnerships, brands can acquire new types of content, strengthen their presence on social media, generate brand awareness and even drive sales, ultimately creating a full-funnel marketing campaign.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Utilize key content types and platform capabilities for your influencer campaign
  • Expand the reach of your campaign with strategic amplification
  • Understand the tactics and tools required to reach your conversion goals
  • Accurately measure and track the success of your campaign
  • Leverage influencer content as lifestyle assets

This session is for direct to consumer digital marketers who are interested in generating awareness and driving revenue through influencer marketing.