Developing Brand-Inspired Content Marketing

When it comes to content, many marketers who are otherwise strategic and disciplined in their planning tend to fall back on execution that is “strategy-light.” They defer to so-called best practices, industry norms and copycat tactics that may or may not make sense for the brands they’re intending to support. Lost in the shuffle of keeping up with the latest and greatest principles and practices in content marketing is the critical role of brand strategy. Using real-world examples and case studies, this presentation will demonstrate how key elements of digital activation need to lead first and foremost with positioning strategy.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Create content that is both customer-valued and brand-centric
  • Use brand story as an inspiration for content development
  • Incorporate ‘brand pillars’ as a framework for content planning

This session is for content and brand marketers who have several years’ experience with content strategy and want to understand how to use content marketing to deepen customer relationships and build greater long-term brand equity.