How to Boost Your Website Conversion Rates in 30 Minutes

The truth is most companies have settled for an “AVERAGE” website.

Your customers are online in a tornado of distractions, with competitors fighting for the most valuable currency in the world – their attention. And let’s face it, in this brutally competitive online marketplace, average isn’t going to cut it and it’s time that you did something about it.

Join us in an electric hands-on workshop where you’ll learn the exact formula needed to transform your average website into a conversion monster in just 30 minutes!

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the anatomy of a proven website wireframe
  • Transform your website into an effective conversion funnel
  • Apply recommended lead magnets to use in different funnel stages
  • Implement proven best practices based on a live professional review and audit of audience websites

Who should attend? This session is for digital marketers and business leaders responsible for driving growth for their organizations through converting leads and sales online.

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