Let’s BeReal: What Gen Z’s Favorite New Social Platform Teaches Brands About Authentic Storytelling

Downloads of the hottest new social media app – BeReal – have skyrocketed in recent months, hitting #1 on Apple’s App Store in July 2022 as Gen Z audiences flocked to the platform.

With the deep cultural influence and growing purchasing power of Gen Z, this session will help you understand why you should be paying attention to these shifts, and what it means for your brand. We’ll explore how the functionality of the newest, hottest, social feature can help you better fill in the gaps that exist within your social strategy – especially as it relates to brand voice, audience engagement, and social storytelling.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Humanize your brand voice on social media
  • Cultivate authentic brand stories in real-time to engage audiences
  • Identify social media behaviors that build brand credibility and trust among socially and culturally attuned demographics